Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Tribute to Robert Mulligan (YouTube video)

Every critic has a director -- recently deceased-- whom they wish to God was still alive. For me, it's Robert Mulligan.

This is a 10-minute montage I've created in honor of Mulligan that includes pics from each and every one of his films. It also includes the music from To Kill A Mockingbird, The Stalking Moon, Summer of '42, The Other and Same Time, Next Year.

The clip from 8 Simple Rules at the very beginning is the one I'm most proudest to include here, since Ritter's little homage to Mulligan (who cast him in a minor role in The Other) would have been all-too-easily missed by viewers who normally watched that show.


  1. Adam:

    Lovely tribute to Mulligan. He will be remembered by most as the director of "To Kill a Mockingbird", yet few recall much of his other work, which is a shame, as he crafted several excellent films.

    I saw "The Other" on its release and was moved right from the start- this is an eerie, thought provoking, stylish film that is a classic in its genre.

  2. Many thanks, Tom. I actually consider The Other to be Mulligan's masterpiece of sorts, although so much of his other work is wonderful -- Summer of '42, The Nickel Ride, The Stalking Moon... so many great movies.

    I think I'm most proud of finding that John Ritter clip, since few are aware Ritter worked for Mulligan on The Other and even fewer people who watched 8 Simple Rules would recognize that his Atticus Finch impersonation at the beginning is a witty inside joke.


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