Sunday, August 8, 2010

The John Huston Blogathon: Day 4

Huston's Performance in Myra Breckenridge (1970)

by Larry Thomas

"Oh, yes, something is more than wrong here. But he gives his lines a bit of juice, and every time he goes off screen, the film flatlines even more. While better known for roles in Chinatown, Winter Kills, The Wind and the Lion and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, I think Huston's performance in Myra Breckinridge needs more attention. And, let's face it, he never had a better character name than Buck Loner."

A Discussion on Annie (1982)

by Adam Zanzie

"I haven't seen Annie since my middle school years, so I'm not about to attempt a review of the movie here--I just want to see some discussion on the movie itself. What do you think of it? Even though I still have yet to devour his entire filmography, I'm just about ready to say that it may very well have been the worst movie of his career. The Unforgiven (1960) seems to be the only other potentially serious candidate for that title; it was the film from Huston's career that he openly confessed he disliked. We'll probably never know what he thought of Annie (his autobiography was written two years before the movie was made), but I can't imagine him wanting to make it for any other reason except to reclaim his audience after the box office failures of Wise Blood and Victory."

There's Day 4. Keep those emails coming, folks! Too much great stuff has been submitted for us to quit now!

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